We initiated support for Khushboo’s Sparsh program in October 2006. This program, according to Khushboo, is a “comprehensive early detection and intervention program for infants and children of upto 6 years. Sparsh provides services for assessment of disability and action-plan, counseling and follow-up covering medical, psychological, developmental and educational issues in the early childhood, through combination of out-patient and home-training services, according to individual’s specific status of disabilities and needs.”

Khushboo itself has several programs and defines itself, as quoted below (source: Khushboo’s website):

Khushboo Welfare Society is a voluntary Non-Government Organization, engaged since 1995 in providing multifarious services for development, education and rehabilitation of children, adolescents and young adults with mental and multiple disabilities.

Khushboo’s programs are structured to cover range of services – from ‘Early Identification of disabilities & Intervention’, Special Education, Therapeutic assistance of variety of kinds, to vocational training for rehabilitation. It provides a stimulating environment facilitating all round development for every child as per individual abilities.

The ultimate objective is to empower the people with disabilities, and to support them, to find a place for honourable and contributory assimilation in the society.

CVI supported Khushboo from 2006 to 2012.


Khushboo Visit Report 2007