The Samarthanam project supports a primary, corporation school in Bangalore: Government Model School, Hulimavu, Bangalore South.  The school has classes 1 to 7 and a total strength of 580 students. Most of the children come from families which are well below the poverty line where the parents are unskilled… most of them are daily wage earners.  The main goal is to keep the children in school by giving them as much help as possible.  The project provides 60 of the poorest children with school supplies such as uniforms, bags, footwear and books.  In addition a nutritional supplement is given to all the children 6 days of the week.    To help the children in the public exams  tutoring services is provided after school to the children in the 6th and 7th standards.   Two tutors provide these services in the school premises after school hours.  Samarthanam has excellent volunteer support and has the support of the government of Karnataka.  Given this, we at CVI feel very positive that the money will be well spent to achieve the stated goals.

CVI supported Samarthanam from 2002 to 2010.


Report on 2008 Visit to Samarthanam by Shantha Kumar

Report on Sep-2006 Visit to Samarthanam by Shantha Kumar