Tribal Health Initiative

Tribal Health Initiative (THI) is based in Sittilingi in Tamil Nadu state in India. It was founded by two doctors Dr. Regi George and Dr. Lalitha whose aim is to improve the lot of the tribals living in the valley of the Sitheri Hills in Dharmapuri district. Their initial focus was on providing healthcare, and it still remains a significant part of their efforts.

Their decade-old dedication to the people of this inhospitable and remote area has resulted in the creation of a hospital, and programs for training the villagers to act both as hospital staff and as “health auxiliaries” situated in the villages to provide immediate care for minor illnesses. More information on their programs can be found at

In September 2002, CVI contributed toward the creation of the neo-natal unit of the hospital.

In March 2003, Sridhar Subramanian visited THI and filed the report listed below.

In July 2003, CVI has initiated funding for THI’s new program to educate the tribal children. Currently, although there are schools in the tribal villages, they are not regularly staffed by teachers. Children sometimes have to hike a few hours up hills to reach working schools. This new program attempts to address these shortfalls.

Dr. Srirangam Kumaresan (“Kumar”) is the Advisory Member who introduced THI and who coordinated CVI’s relationship with THI.

CVI supported THI from 2002 to 2006.


Report on Tribal Health Initiative (Mar 2003) by Sri Subramanian